Podium Picks


The idea is to make the game simple to play, so the rules are simple.

Before each race, you need to pick your top 3 drivers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on the podium. You can choose any driver you want from those who are racing and you can even pick the same driver multiple times if you wish.

You score 2 points for each correct prediction, ie a driver you choose to finish 1st will score 2 points if they actually finish 1st. You score 1 point if you choose a driver to be on the podium and they are on the podium but not in the predicted position. For example if you pick Lewis Hamilton to finish 2nd and he wins the race, you score 1 point.

Therefore the maximum points you can score is 6 per race for getting the 1-2-3 exactly right and 4 points for getting 2 exactly right and scores down to 1 for just getting 1 driver on the podium.

I am considering a tie-breaker of some kind as it may be that a lot of teams score the maximum each race, I will probably put this to a vote.